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What is a mutual fund and how does it work?

When it comes to investing your money, the more questions you ask, the better. Never shy away from asking people who have experience. If you are unsure of starting on your own, investing your money in mutual funds means you will not be doing it all by yourself. What is a Mutual Fund A mutual [...]

How long does it take to pay off medical school debt?

Every medical school graduate carries 2 things with them on the journey forward: invaluable medical knowledge and enormous student debt. While the first one grooms them into fine professional individuals, the latter acts as a constant burden on their already overworked shoulders. Fret not, because you can ace this repayment procedure within 10-13 years by [...]

Which type of mortgage is best?

Buying a home is one of the most significant decisions you have to make sooner or later. Except you have loads of cash to dole out, finding a property is one half of the challenge. The other half of this is selecting the type of mortgage that best suits your situation, especially your finances because [...]

SEP IRA vs Solo401k

The road from an idea to a profitable business is both exciting and overwhelming. You sacrifice time, work, and talent to build your dreams, so you must protect the fruits of your labor. Choosing the best savings plan can be a burden. Entrepreneurs have and want to save more money, and what better way than [...]

What Is The 70/30 Rule?

When I started earning my own money, it was overwhelming. The feeling of having the financial freedom to decide on how you handle your own income and finally buying the things that you want, and enjoying the fruit of your labor is liberating and motivating. It inspired me to work hard, so I can earn [...]