Best Personal Finance Apps for Couples to Manage Budgeting

Whether you’re dating or married, it’s super important to get on the same page with your significant other when it comes to money. 💵💵

You probably already know that money is one of the biggest causes of problems in relationships. Let’s buckle down and fix that, so that your biggest problem is who get’s more closet space 😉

Note if you’re afraid of security risks, you can follow my footstep and organize your personal finances with your significant other on an organized Google Sheets file. If you like to manage your finances with your significant other over a convenient app, read on!

According to, 63% of smartphone users have at least one financial app on the device, and the app data tracking site App Annie estimated approximately 200 billion personal financial app sessions globally across iOS and Android alone, in 2017.

I’ve spent some time researching all the different budgeting apps online, and oh boy are there a lot.

It’s a good thing though, there are niche type apps for all types of budgeting needs. Below I filtered out alot of apps and kept the 3 that I think might be best tailored for your needs.

I picked them because they’re the most popular for couples to work together to budget money from both ends, to see and share goals, and to have a peace of mind.

What to Consider When Selecting a Couples’ Budgeting App

Before we talk about the budgeting app options, I’d like to share a few questions that might help you figure out which one is best for you and your significant other.

  • Do you really want free, or are you happy to pay? Will ads bother you?
  • Do you want something that syncs to your bank account to get and organize all your spending, or does that bother you security-wise? Would you rather use it purely for budgeting, or allow it to handle all your personal finances?

Best couples budgeting app to keep from overspending


Goodbudget is a pretty cool app that lets you create virtual “envelopes” where you both can allocate your money and get a better idea of how much your current money is going towards monthly obligations.


  • Free (for up to 10 envelopes)
  • You don’t have to sync bank accounts if that worries you, you can enter account balances manually.


  • If you prefer to have things automated, you might not like that it doesn’t sync with your bank account.

Best couples budgeting app if one of you has an a-type personality


YNAB is a highly popular and loaded app. It’s very systematic and gives you that push to budget every dollar you both have.

According to YNAB, the average new user saves $600 in the first two months and more than $6,000 in the first year.


  • One of the most popular online, it’s constantly getting refined and improved.
  • Free for 34 days, then $84/year or $11.99/month.


  • No ongoing free plan.

Best overall budgeting app for couples


Mint is it. It’s by far the most popular and well known budgeting app online, I think it could be one of the first ones that came in the market years ago.


  • One of the most popular online, it’s constantly getting refined and improved.
  • Free


  • None that I know of yet.

Regardless of what app you choose, it’s important to stay on the same page

Happy couple finances

Money is amazing, it will give you the freedom to do many things with your better half, just don’t let it be one of those things that can cause issues in a relationship.

Be honest with one another, share your goals and your fears, and work together to create the building blocks of an amazing fortress for the both of you.

Good luck!

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