How Much Debt Is Too Much?

Can you handle debt in your current situation?

Too much debt, or being overleveraged, can be a huge handicap on your finances and ability to borrow money. When your income barely meets your expenses, you’re in trouble. If your income doesn’t even cover your debt, you have to stop right now and plan a way out of the hole you’ve dug. Things happen, …

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3-Step Guide On How Much Car Can I Afford?

Buying a car is an extremely exciting process, if you take away the time that it takes from actually picking your car to driving off the lot with it. Man that buying and financing process is long and annoying (industry disruption idea, hint hint). I’ve created a simple 3-step car buying guide as a checklist …

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How To Start Saving For A House In Your 20s

Buying your first house is both the most exciting and most terrifying thing you could possibly do. I know, I did it in 2015 when I was 28. Setup a separate bank account to save for the down payment Now that you’re ready to start saving for a future house, the first thing you’ll want …

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