Hi, my name is Hemal. I made Personal Finance Gold as a simple and easy to understand resource for those starting their personal finance journey.

I’ve always been so passionate about money, but it was all overwhelming to me. As I went to college, graduated, got married, and had my first child, I was constantly learning more and more about personal finance.

It didn’t bother me that I knew nothing or that I was making mistakes, I just really liked personal finance and wanted to get really good at it, and I did.

I learned advanced personal finance, and it really really helped me create systems to save and invest and get further and further away from money stress.

Soon I started getting friends and family members picking my mind about their situations, and I would always give them short and simple advice that would help them take action.

It can be confusing and overwhelming to start your journey on personal finance, and I feel like I got the hang of it all where I can break it down into small bite-size pieces for you to start making moves.

That’s where this website came along. I created it to reach even more people and write up really helpful articles that give you an action plan after each reading.

Grow with personal finance gold

At Personal Finance Gold, we focus on creating savings plans, early investment goals, and reducing your debt.

Our goal is to cover every single area of:

  • Saving your money: Learning how to create an emergency fund, increase it over time, and track what your money is doing.
  • Investing your money: So that you can have your money make more money, just doing it in a smart and slow way where you gain more than you lose.
  • Getting out of debt: Because almost all of us have it (from credit card to a mortgage), we want to play the debt game in a smart way so we can kill the bad debt and reduce the good debt over time.

My team of writers and I want to share meaningful information to help you grow in your personal finance journey, but to also do it from our unique perspectives. Our answers might not be 100% right, but it’s worked well for us, and might give you another helpful perspective too.

I hope we did our job well, and I hope you do yours by taking action and having a better relationship with your finances.

I’d love to hear from you, let’s talk soon.