How Can I Improve My Financial Literacy Without A Job?

How can I improve my financial literacy without a job

Financial literacy is not the same as mathematical literacy. You don’t even need to know maths to be financially literate. It has become necessary for me to put that out there because of the scary staggering lack of financial literacy in our society. Disturbing Financial Literacy Statistics Let me show you the disturbing numbers before …

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How To Lower The Interest Rate On Your Credit Card

In your journey towards personal finance improvements, having the lowest interest rate on your credit card is ideal. In a way, it shouldn’t matter because ideally, you’re paying off your entire monthly bill that same month, but things do happen. When your interest rate is too high you could do one of two things, call …

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Top 5 Cash Back Credit Cards

Once you create a routine habit to build your savings, your next goal should be to optimize the way you spend your money. We all have the recurring grocery bills, gas, utilities, and so on. Why not squeeze some of those expenses into cash savings? I’m gonna cover cash back type credit cards below, specifically …

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