My Boyfriend Is Broke


Setting up high expectations for a partner almost always leads to disappointment. And when I say partner, I mean the person who will be by your side and share the same long-term goals as you for years to come. Should you settle with a boyfriend with minimal to no personal finance knowledge? And what about …

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How Much Does It Cost To Live On Your Own?

How much does it cost to live on your own?

I remember the day I moved out of home as the most exciting day of my adolescence. I was finally out of my mom’s house and on my own, where I would make the rules, and everything will be so much more relaxed. It wasn’t long until reality hit me. Living on my own was …

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How To Run Your Personal Finances Like A Business

A young woman sitting at her desk in her home office, managing her personal finances like she does a business.

If you manage your personal finance the way a business operates its affairs, what would your finance look like? What if you manage your business the way you currently manage your personal finance? What would your business look like? A few years back, my friends and I traveled to Dubai. It was my first time, …

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How Can I Improve My Financial Literacy Without A Job?

How can I improve my financial literacy without a job

Financial literacy is not the same as mathematical literacy. You don’t even need to know maths to be financially literate. It has become necessary for me to put that out there because of the scary staggering lack of financial literacy in our society. Disturbing Financial Literacy Statistics Let me show you the disturbing numbers before …

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